4 Tips To Pump Up Your CV Fast!

Posted by | 02 July 2013 | Jobpro Blog

A great CV is often the only thing that can get you through the door to meet with a recruiter or potential employer. A poor CV can also be the only thing that is needed to have the door slammed in your face.

It makes sense to make sure your CV is as good as it can be. Here are 4 key tips to help you get your CV into it’s sexiest possible shape in time for that interview:

1 – Summarize!

  • (Babbling is NOT hot!)
  • Begin with a summary on your unique value
  • Tell employers who you are 
  • Talk about your skills and qualifications
  • A good summary can be used as the basis for this interviewer favorite: “Tell me about yourself”

2 – Confidence!

  • (Everyone is attracted to confidence!)
  • Talk about your accomplishments
  • Tell employers how you’ve made a difference in current/previous roles
  • This is not the time for humility!
  • Be specific about your successes. ie. “Boosted sales from 30k to 40k in 7 months” (yeah, baby! that’s what i’m talkin’ bout!)

3 – Watch your Language!

  • (He’s like all me, me, me… So self absorbed, no thanks!)
  • Don’t start sentences with I, We or Our 
  • Don’t even use full sentences
  • Bullet points with strong actions verbs have more impact 
  • Again, be specific. ie. “Reduced manufacturing costs by 27%”

4 – Keywords are Key

  • (Talk nerdy to me baby!)
  • Awful truth: often, resumes are not even read
  • Resumes are often scanned either by a person or a machine
  • They are looking for keywords that match their hiring criteria 
  • Use keywords from the job listing and the company’s website in your Cover Letter and CV, where possible. BUT don’t overdo it!

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